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Yvelise Limoncello is proud to contribute to the New Orleans craft cocktail movement by introducing a Limoncello for the New World. Using locally grown Meyer lemons, Yvelise adds a delicious Louisiana flair to a time-honored Italian recipe.

The Yvelise Story The Yvelise Story


Yvelise Story

“Si vede che sono io! (Translation: You can tell it’s me)” This is the first thing Nonna said upon seeing the label, a custom design by world-renowned graphic artist Stanley Chow, who used old photos as inspiration.

Known as Yve, she possesses all of the faculties one would expect from an Italian grandmother: generosity, an ever-present glimmer in her eye and a flawless method in the kitchen. Among her specialties are Genovese classics: trofie con pesto, coniglio (rabbit) and of course, Limoncello. Although considered a southern Italian beverage, our family recipe comes from the Island of Elba, off the Tuscan coast.

We’ve been making Limoncello for years using a treasured, family recipe. In true fashion, we could never quite match the quality that our ancestors, continually executed. It wasn’t until he put the spirit of New Orleans in the mix did it finally blossom into it’s own (lemon) skin. That spirit came by a stroke of luck. When a friend offered us the extra produce from a family Meyer lemon tree, the resulting Limoncello had a unique Louisiana freshness.

As family and friends tried the local iteration, they encouraged us to consider taking the next step. Additionally, the lack of quality Limoncellos commercially available provided the opportunity to put this natural combination of New Orleans and Italy on the shelves.

A classic recipe with local ingredients: the beginning of a New Orleans tradition.

What Is


Limoncello is a traditional Italian Liqueur. It is made from the zest of lemons and various types of alcohol, including grappa, grain alcohol and vodka. Limoncello is generally considered a digestif, enjoyed after dinner. However, it is becoming more common to find it in mixed-drinks and cocktails, such as martinis.

In Italy, it is quite usual for most families to make their own Limoncello, eschewing the store-bought, “manufactured” brands. This ensures quality and freshness. In the US, it is next to impossible to find a decent-tasting imported brand.

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How To Serve


Limoncello is best served chilled. This is a refreshing beverage. We keep our bottle in the freezer and, in New Orleans fashion, serve it in chilled, mini-hurricane glasses. For some, pouring over ice is a delicious way to cut the liqueur while also keeping it the appropriate temperature.

Traditionally, after dinner is the most appropriate way to enjoy this delicious beverage. It provides perfect punctuation to almost any meal. Nonetheless, our product sampling in New Orleans has led the team at Yvelise to discover that this community is both serious and creative about its drinking enjoyment. Discover some of the amazing cocktails and food that have been made using Yvelise Limoncello on our Recipes page.

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