Jungle-cello Pt. 2

September 5, 2014

2014-06-15 21.14.18

Desperate times called for desperate measures, and said measures were taken without proper followup. You may have read about the creation of Jungle-cello several weeks back. Without prior calculation, the Jungle-cello resolved itself (became ready) on the same day as the Italy-England match during the World Cup. After placing it in the coldest receptacle I could find, the movie crew of Beasts of No Nation obliterated two repurposed gin bottles filled with sweetly sour Limon-Limecello. Turns out white gaffers tape and black sharpies make for great label making.

Enzo Musimeci and myself, as the representative Italians of the international crowd, ensured every English fan took shots after every goal, halftime, every card, stop in play and essentially any other event that provided a stoppage in play.

Bittersweetly, the Jungle-cello proved to be the Azzurri‘s good luck charm because after that 2-1 win, Italy lost both of it’s next two games and was eliminated from the tournament. Lesson learned: drink Limoncello every Italian soccer game. Yvelise Limoncello continue to reveal secret uses (Azzurri fortune just being the latest).

Apologies to King Luu in Ghana for creating a desire for Limoncello and subsequently leaving a withdrawal. Recipe is on it’s way, brother.

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