Yvelise mixes Cocktails for NOLA Fruit Tree Project

December 14, 2013

When Megan from our 9th ward office mates, The New Orleans Fruit Tree Project asked us if we’d be interested in making an elixir for their first annual “Kick-Off to Citrus Season Cocktail Contest” we could barely resist. After all, our Meyer Limoncello is perfect for blending (see: herbal notes). We commissioned our resident Chief Laboratory Architect Paul Rahfield to design a drink that would capture both the imagination of the voting public and the spirit of the season.


Paul’s mad scientist cocktail laboratory took some punishment for this contest

After an increasingly tipsy afternoon, Mark and Paul drunkenly discovered a beverage that will live in infamy. A direct indicator of their intoxication level, the beverage was christened the “Sunshine In Your Mouth” and was one of the favorites at the event. Despite our efforts, we neither won “Best Cocktail” nor “Best Bartender.” However, we did convince our selves we placed second in both categories.

In any event, it was a great fundraiser for our friends at NOLA Fruit Tree and next year we will make sure to eat before attending. It is also advised for any potential entrants to concoct your beverage on a separate day from the competition, even just to remember how to get home (in a cab, of course).



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